Promotion & Loyalty

For 40 years we have been designing for our clients successful promotional campaigns, which have included famous and beloved characters.

Collectible & Kiosk

Together with the main global editors, we create partworks and multichannel collectible projects, carefully analyzing economical aspects and the target markets.

Toy & Licencing

Toys are for us some of the most important products. We help companies that are leaders in this field to create new ones, and we produce ours with the brand Play Around.

Innovative project

We live for the challenges and for filling the market with more and more surprising and useful products.

Digital & Phigital

We make physical products smart through a link with the digital device, a link that engages the user with an interactive Phygital experience.


Some of our best works

All the products and toys we created concretely manifest our unique know-how and our quick execution! We are giving more and more importance to the Phygital products.


Promotion & Loyalty


Promotion & Loyalty

For 40 years we have been specializing in guiding our clients to think, develop and create successful promotional campaigns. Thanks to the huge differentiation among the skills in the company, we help multinational realities during all the steps of the project, and we guarantee a reliable and top-quality production.

Managed projects

In the past year, we have recorded an increase in managed projects by


Number of items produced


in the last 12 months

Pieces produced by the Factory in the area of Promotion&Loyalty

All the potential of Pea in Promotion & Loyalty

We create ad-hoc products, never seen on the market, on a large scale and rapidly.

We have long-term relationships with leading companies, and we give life to winning items that better express the brand potential that we are representing.

Flexibility and problem-solving skills make us unstoppable.

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Minions Fruits Sounds

Minions Fruits Sounds is Eurospin's initiative to stimulate young children to eat fruits and vegetables and to spread the importance of nutrition that starring the Minions.

Kawais Kaban

Kawais Kaban was the first loyalty operation based on a license created by Pea: the Kawais.

DC Comics

In 2022 Pea developed for Auchan in France the loyalty project under Dc Comics license. A collection of 5 superheroes, each of them with a base that can project their symbol with lights of different colors.

Happyfania Kinder

Since 2010 we have been supporting Ferrero in the design and production of the legendary Happyfania Kinder collection.

Garnier soap box

The Garnier soap box made of 100% recycled plastic. A functional and practical product that represents a concrete step towards the preservation of our planet.


As official partners of Unilever, we support the group's brands in creating promotional products designed specifically to be in line with the image and values the brand wants to convey.


Toy & Licensing


Toy & Licensing

In January 2020, after a collaboration started a year before with Rovio, we have officially launched Play Around for the development of Hatchies.

Play Around internally creates and develops new properties that are going to be at the disposal of distributors and retailers. Play Around also acts as a Master Toy Licensor creating toys, collectibles and other products for various selling channels.

Our new entries:



In the past year, we have created 7 new toy lines and 7 new brands.

Number of items produced


pcs produced

Projects developed for the top 10 toys players

All the potential of Pea in Toys & Licensing

With Play Around we cover every commercial need related to the Toys, from the ideation of new licenses to the creation of toy lines. We assimilated all the skills acquired with the Collectibles and applied to this new service.

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The Giocheria store network, a leading toy company, and Play Around have jointly designed the new Giò Bear Storyteller device.

Masha&Bear Audible Box

A product developed by the Play Around team for Simba Toys.


Play Around is Master Toy Licensor of MeteoHeroes, the Italian animated series produced by MondoTV, Mopi Srl and Icona Meteo.


Collectible & Kiosk


Collectible & Kiosk

We collaborate with the main global editors, we create partworks and multichannel collectible projects.

By looking for innovative materials and the originality of projects, we support the development and the production for our clients, guiding them through their target markets, in compliance with the local safety and regulations.

We have produced items for

16 cnts


In the past year, increasing our business area.

Number of items produced

30 mln

pieces produced

Items produced by the Factory in the Collectible & Kiosk area.

All the potential of Pea in Collectible & Kiosk

Thanks to our unique know-how, we create appealing and sophisticated products with a strong technical component and attention to details. We can split a very complex project into numerous issues. When we think of an editorial concept, we imagine it as long-lasting.

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The Armadillo, the Panda, the Wild Boar Friend, Sarah, Secco, friends, family, demons and imaginary advisors…: all the irresistible characters that make “Zerocalcare” the most eclectic and original comic strip on the Italian scene.

The Hogwarts Castle

The Hogwarts Castle, the most famous school of Magic of all time with lots of special effects! A big size reproduction made of high-quality ABS: the Great Hall, the Tower with the Grand Staircase and an entire wing of the castle.

Disney Audiobook

Place the characters on the speaker and let the magic begin! Simba, Snow White, Aladdin, Nemo, Mowgli, Ariel... are some of the protagonists of the sound stories that will conquer children with the eternal Disney magic!

Fashion Hair Panini

PEA is a key partner of the major publishing players, specializing in the creation of high-quality 3D figurine collections.

Marvel Mug Collection

A collection of mugs inspired by the legendary Marvel superheroes.

Apothecaries Jars

A collection of more than 70 vases, about 15 cm high and made of high-quality ceramic, produced for the italian market.


Innovative project


Innovative project

This new business area originates from our desire to keep on looking for new challenges. Some of our clients and partners' requests encourage us to think out-of-the-box, making great and a bit utopic ideas, a reality: from the bell for the Costadoro coffee to a giant-size replica of the Nutella jar.

Projects carried out

In the past year, we have recorded an increase in projects managed by:


Number of items produced


in the past 12 months

The items produced by the Factory in the Innovative project area

All the potential of Pea in the innovative project

We also like creating products that are outside of our core business. We can give life to never-before-seen projects, thanks to our experience and an entirely Made-in-Italy ability to create.

That is how original items come to life, which can be large-scale and of very different categories.

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Bianca Costadoro

Winner of the Barawards 2020 Innovation of the Year Award, BIANCA Costadoro is the new coffee in grains dome container that guarantees a better preservation of the product and favor the use of Ok Compost certified packaging which will replace the tin and aluminum coupled ones.

Kinder Game

The surprise Kinder in XXL size! In 2020, PEA worked with Ferrero to create a special edition of the iconic Kinder Sorpresa egg, with the aim to offer to its consumers a unique and fun gaming experience.

Plush kinder

Pea is specialized in the design and production of the highest quality plush. With the know-how developed during the years and thanks to reliable production sources, Pea has developed in-store promotional campaigns for major brands, including Ferrero.

Nutella Storage Container

The iconic Nutella jar…in giant size!


Digital & Phygital


Digital & Phygital

Kintana is Pea’s digital competence center, its digital core, with a very specific task: making physical products smart.

Thanks to the TATA Platform, it helps the partners deepen their knowledge about the consumers, tracking data and habits thanks to sophisticated gamification and loyalty strategies. The aim is to define buyer personas as realistic as possible, creating the foundation for a solid community made of real consumers.

People reached

The people who received a gadget, searched for brand info using the QR Code are the


The greater the data governance, the more the conversion curve grows.

All the potential of Pea in Digital & Phygital

We want to increment and accelerate our value proposition and focus even more on the digital proposals thanks to Kintana, the company 100% focused on digitalization.

To fully understand our users’ preferences, it is important for us to collect data. We do this through our TATA app, which is accessible to both adults and kids,

We are the first company in the entertainment field to make physical products smart through a link with the digital device, a link that engages the user in an interactive Phygital experience.

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Besides collecting branded gadgets, the users can find customized contents based on their interests.

App Experience

Through the smart gadget, it’s possible to provide contents, engage the users and obtain useful information to know them better and establish a 1 to 1 relationship.

Phigital solution

Make your product smart.

Pea's digital soul wave

Kintana Phygital Experience digital competence center, created to support and develop the business

The interactive phygital experience that will achieve results never seen before in terms of involvement, stories to tell, data to transform into commercial opportunities.

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To talk to us info@peaitaly.com

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