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We are designers, directors, strategists and a little bit crazy creators.

Our products are super smart, capable of being recognized by devices and creating interactive experiences offline and online.

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Our factory’s story told by our captain!

From the first steps in publishing to our successes in the promotional area, up to the creation of a strong brand identity with five main areas: CEO Gianluca Aprile di Cimia tells us Pea’s 40-year story.

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An exciting and innovative present

Our products are super smart, capable of being recognized by devices and creating interactive experiences offline and online.

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Pea constellation.

Four businesses, each with a specific feature. Play Around develops toys and new kids licenses; Plooyo is the brand e-commerce, Kintana focuses on 100% digital solutions; P&P Asia Ltd manages the growth in the Far East.

Play Around: The toy company born in 2020 dedicated to the development of toy lines and the creation and management of licenses.

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Kintana: Pea's new rising star, a digital competence center that, through advanced gamification and royalty tools, enables partners to obtain deep insight of end consumers.

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P&P Asia: Based in Honk Kong, is the company that manages all manufacturing activities located in the Far East. A team specializes in managing production processes and verifying QC/QA levels.

Plooyo: The entertainment ecommerce platform where you can find and buy action figures, collectibles, toys for boys and girls of different age and everything you've ever dreamed of playing with!

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Find out some of our most significant numbers

The values that have mostly rewarded the company's areas of focus in the different business activities.


The people who received a gadget, searched for brand info using the QR Code are the

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The greater the data governance, the more the conversion curve grows.

Business areas.

Collectible & Kiosk
Toys & Licensing
Innovative Projects

We are a landmark when it comes to Promotion, Loyalty, Toy, Licensing. We find rewarding using our know-how to create innovative projects, and we have a renowned leadership in the Digital and Phygital areas.



Our expertise at our Clients’ service

Pea’s experience in the design, production and development of international projects assures our clients that they will receive tailor-made, compliant and sophisticated products.

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