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We tell you about the factory by telling you our story

We are two perfectly-born prototypes. Here we’re always doing something exciting: we create toys, collectibles, innovative and long-lasting projects.


Meet Gabi and Frai

We are proud of being part of Pea. In the company we have lived exciting years, full of successes and transformations. Often we don’t agree on something, but with time we have learned to collaborate.

Name: GABI

Decision Maker

I was born in 1983, PEA’s first prototype for a promotional campaign. I am a one-of-a-kind piece. I have always been complimented for having the best ideas and the resolve to make them a reality. I have seen many of our products venturing outside, but I have stayed, here everyone needs the boss. I consider myself to be Pea’s essential element, I am very brave and driven, and I know how to coordinate others. I may be a bit aggressive, but in the end I am always right!

Role: Team leader

The decision maker's kit

Name: FRAI

Wonderfull Baby

I was born in 1990, as the first prototype for a new line of collectibles. Thanks to my intelligence, I have become a sort of jack of all trades, from the research of suitable materials to the relationship with clients. I am really reliable. I am in love with what we create in our company, and I especially like kids' surprises. I love facing challenges in a calm way and being where I am needed. I have a 140 IQ, is that why I can really do everything?

Role: Handyman

the true Essence of the Factory

To talk to us info@peaitaly.com

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